Time for a telecomm “trade’

The recently announced NSA/Telco data sharing fiasco is setting off a wave of lawsuits. Make jokes if you must, in light of the situation (which I don’t personally think is a big deal – I don’t get any phone calls anyway). But I do think – how timely!

The telcos are in the middle of a “net neutrality” fight, and I wish someone would properly communicate the bigger picture – the telco’s certainly can’t.

The time is now – trade a quick sweep of this issue under the carpet in return for perpetually free access across the pipes.

Of course, that is exactly the opposite of what telecomm executives were thinking when they agreed to the data sharing plan in the first place.


Of course, BellSouth now joins Qwest in the “we didn’t do it” category. I’ve been pretty hard on telecomms for not getting the innovation thing – unfortunately, having a few players in the mix with plenty of chips remaining makes this whole net-neutrality poker game idea pretty hard to pull off.

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