Who’s filters are at fault?

A debate is brewing as to whose fault it is if someone else’s spam filter catches your important email.

Techdirt’s example (link above) was a company losing a project contract because a last minute bid request was made, and the response disappeared. Whoops. Mine is responding to an attorney, agreeing to a waiver of conflict so a filing can get out the door today. In either case, who is responsible if that email doesn’t make it?

I’d say it is the sender’s responsibility to make sure its emails are clean, and that its systems are not on blacklists. Clean means free of overzealous amounts of HTML, oft used slang, etc. And I recently moved hosts for another site because the shared server I was on was on a blacklist itself. I used the email address from that server for everyday communication with my 2.4 0.4 friends, and some joker I was sharing the server with was obviously doing some spamming. Arghh.

Of course, this declaration won’t end the debate – inept internet users have to have someone else to point fingers at, don’t you know.

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