Will Vista kill the security companies?

A CNET post says Vista will hit third party security software vendors. You have to look inward, and make some decisions:

– If you are a venture investor in Webroot, do you go for the IPO now, or assume Vista will actually get released in 2009?

– If your margin account hasn’t been used to pay off your credit cards (that is, after you tapped out your home equity line) do you short Symantec and McAfee?

– If you are Checkpoint, do you hire John Ashcroft to help you get those acquisitions done before it’s too late?

– If you run OS X or Linux, do you even care?

More suggestions from the audience are much appreciated.


A timely study says security vendors can rest easy.

John Thompson of Symantec doesn’t sound worried – in fact he sounds somewhat incredulous.


Don’t believe everything that you read. I have some thoughts on Yankee’s projections.

I’d also add the question: Do you do nothing, waiting for Vista, and let a hundred more laptops with personal information get stolen? Or maybe: Do I continue to clean up the security mess of Windows XP because my users are too stupid to enter in a password when they want to install new software?

Romerican says:

Suggestions? Sure, fight Microsoft back. Adopt BSD and/or Linux and promote it. It’s the same game SAP and Oracle play back and forth…. should work for security software peddlers against microsloth.

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