Comment moderation and the quelling of dissent

There ought to be a mandate that all controversial ultra-biased blogs disable comment moderation. Yes, they would be required to put up with some blog spam, but what the hell. Half the reason I think political blogs are such a waste of drive space is that the individual authors simply delete the comments they don’t like, which is usually when the comment steers contrary to their ultra-right or ultra-left parroting.

Blogger, a fine amateur journalist’s platform, but the unfortunate haven for red and blue feathers alike, is now providing comment moderation. And without clearly defined trackback linkage, who’s to really know when there is disagreement?

So much for new media. Then again, at least they won’t have to directly attack any negative reinforcement.

My solution – when in doubt regarding the authenticity of a blog entry or the grand phenomena of perfect agreement on every count, I just review the “Top Ten Blogger Lies” and my mind is then clear.

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