Data thefts are always worse than first reported

You would think that after letting someone go home with millions of personal records, only to have it stolen, you might want to get your actual exposure to such a theft sorted out right away. In the case of the VA deal, silly excuses were made first, and now the inevitable has occured – the theft is worse than originally thought.

Silly little government boys and girls.


Yes, silly. But what an absolutely moronic blatantly incompetent move as well. Complete and utter disrespect for the citizenry that should be held in the highest regard. None too surprising, however, from a pack of government lackeys an institution with no real accountability for its actions. A Slashdot reader agrees.

Of course, the veterans are suing, and I hope they get every penny they can (and a few heads rolling might not hurt either).


Another brand new case of personal records at risk is now involving

As reported by Internet News, another laptop, this time of an Ernst & Young employee got stolen. The problem is that it contained details of 243,000 customers; basically names and credit card numbers.

They say the pc was password protected, but I wouldn’t feel so safe anyways if my sensitive data was in there, would you?


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