Gambling site denounces blog spam

It is always cute to see companies attempt to take the high road regarding their promotion. We all know it is all about the greenbacks, so while 888 Casino denounces blog spam, you know someone will keep on trying, because there is money to be made. If they really wanted to stop uncontrolled, unethical promotion, they would simply halt the affiliate or other promotional program that is at the root of the issue, but we know that isn’t going to happen (think 180Solutions).

Everyone is guilty, somewhere, somehow. Unfortunately, the contextually driven nature of the internet makes it diffficult to manage. Case in point: you’re a high-profile political blog who mentions the word Connecticut. There are big casinos in Connecticut. And although online gambling is technically illegal, your sites feeds are bound to grab a casino ad sooner or later. Whether you throttle that advertiser next time around depends on you (and, of course, whether you are making tons of cash off that ad).

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