Gotta love the spiders

When ever I see an ad for email harvesters, I have to cringe. When one makes it through my newsreader, I almost puke. No surprise – the one I saw today at a site called 3d2f dot com for the super email spider, which leverages search engine technology, only works on Windows. Darn – I guess I won’t be picking that one up.

Still, I wonder when the search engines might take it upon themselves to block use of these things. With all the smarties over at Google, you’d think they could figure out a way to keep scammers from using their technologies against the rest of us.

PS: don’t ask me for the link to that software either – I won’t be providing gratuitous links to scum-ware from here.


While they’re at it, maybe search engines can take a look at their hosting security – that’s hurting some too.

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