On moving MovableType

I moved this site to a new host roughly two months ago. When doing so I thought it might be nice to go with a pre-installed MovableType host so I didn’t have to fool around with editing config files. Of course, I used the MT export/import function to move the entries (as the database schemas were slightly different between the two installs), but now it seems that didn’t work very well. I’ve since recieved a few emails stating I have broken links and/or missing pages. Those emails are correct too.

If you find a link via search engine or otherwise, and the page does not come up, try adding a “_1” to the end of the filename (but before the .php part). And make sure the filename is not more than 15 characters (which means you may have to delete a few characters to stuff the “_1” in. If that fails, chalk it up to a poor migration. If you email me back, I will try to dig it out of an old backup and upload it for you.


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