Who needs little aliens when you have Windows

It’s being touted as a “kind of safety switch” but it is about as lame an excuse as I have heard in a while. Windows Genuine Advantage, Microsoft’s program for controlling piracy, has your computer running an undisclosed daily check in.

Now you’d thing that once you validated/registered your software you would be home free. You’d run the auto-updates if you liked, and if you kept a tinfoil hat on you could shut those off too (although I hope you’d run them once in a while, if only on your schedule).

David Lazar, director of the program noted:

“We’re looking at ways to communicate that in a more forward manner”

…after being questioned about why it wasn’t disclosed in the EULA.

Now’s as good a time as any, Dave, since you have just been called out.


I used to notice the Windows Update shield in the taskbar when I turned my computer on in the morning, it would only be there for a few seconds, and would NOT allow a right click to see what was being updated or downloaded.

This no longer happens, and I’m sure that it was very disconcerting for many people to be “updated” so often… but I’m sure MS still logs into my laptop before I DO, even if the “updates” no longer show on my taskbar.

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