Dell doesn’t screw everything up

Like my memory of their once superb support.

I am not going to debate Dell’s now inherent negatives – Jeff Matthews has a lock on that – instead, I’ll speak to the experience I last remember, and it was a good one.

The Dell C840 I purchased (and subsequently hacked up) was a refurbished device. When it arrived, the screen had a ding in it, and the LCD was blurred as a result. Bad. I called Dell support, and they immediately scheduled an onsite repair. Two days pass, and no tech arrived. I called Dell again.

I remember not one, but two fine humans taking the case. Once I was transferred from entry level to “priority,” the tech wasted no time telling me they’d help, and help bigtime. Solution – pull a brand new machine off the line and send it my way. No replacement refurb, mind you, a brand new machine. I received it four days later.

That is what I remember about Dell, and the pundits can’t take that away from me. Unfortunately, Apple Computer can make that memory less significant, as my time on the phone with them (due mainly to my early unfamiliarity with the OS), was met with cordiality, patience and rigor as well.

I wish them all luck, as that is where value is headed in the computer age – towards kindness, consideration, and a take-action attitude with the customer.

If only the rest of the world followed that path.

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