FBI approved hacker attempts but not the success

Joseph Thomas Colon purportedly received downline approval to hack into FBI databases, and now awaits sentencing for his success. While the acquisition of internal passwords and initial access points is still the subject of debate, the fact that the government is not alleging the attempts were made to harm national security, as well as prosecutor’s labeling of the intrusions as “curiosity hacks,” would lead some to believe there is more to the story.

Mr. Colon plead guilty, the FBI claims it has instituted new security measures, the band has entered into confidentiality agreements, Mr. Colon has been accused of this before, and it seems the hacks could have been orchestrated by a sixteen year old script kiddie.

More to Mr. Colon’s past? An undercover job in his future? Or just an outstanding embarrassment that needs sweeping under the rug?


It is sounding like brooms to me.

***UPDATE 2***

Mr. Colon gets six months home detention, a sentence more suitable for someone who embarrassed the government than threatened national security.

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