How to publish national security secrets

Supposedly, there is a responsible way to publish national security secrets. Right.

Seems it is more like an irresponsible way to try and shore up your dying circulation. Everyone thinks everyone else is out to get them – paranoia reigns supreme in US politics. The really scared should be the burning newspapers – sensationist headlines designed to undermine policy (whether it is good or bad) isn’t really any good, unless you are using it as fodder to argue your Constitutional right to criticize (which is the second reason it is done – to incite condemnation from the clueless masses).

Who gauges journalisting integrity, or lack thereof, anymore? The news is now designed for creating online riots. A retraction may clear some editor’s conscience, but the damage has already been done.


With a potential trend for publishing anonymously, it is only going to get worse. Good thing the mainstream media doesn’t have that option.


And online riots are exactly what it gets. While someone was pointing the finger at Bill Keller, the commentators were seeking pounds of flesh from multiple bodies, but with little in the way of coherent arguments.

Just one more step towards implosion.

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