I don’t like you, Mr. Blogger, so I wish your child dead

The political blogosphere has a few stars, but more than its fair share of wanna-be’s. You can tell a star by rational thought in writings and a willingness to take a licking, all the while showing at least a semblance of class. It is easy to segregate out the wanna-be’s. First, you have numbers on your side, and they squawk the same squawk, day in and day out. They are usually far right or far left (and I think a little far out), and easily recognizable by their mantra – “everything on my side is completely pure and correct, and everything about your side is outrageously despicable and wrong.” I believe they are directed by their local politico cadre, the ones they believe possess the “power.” They’ve concluded that by acting and sounding venerable, they will gain some ground in the pecking order. In fact, they are being used, and they are sounding like mindless asses to boot.

But enough of my innate contempt for the lot.

If you want to hear how far the carnival will go to sell a few tickets, you need look no further than here. To summarize, one blogger decides they don’t like another, and then proceeds to say they’d like to see the other’s kid dead. It doesn’t get more poluted than that. It’s the kind of aggregious behavior formerly reserved for the offline world, forced into the online because you can’t ignore an RSS feed into obscurity, and you can’t go to blows in the front yard either.

Watch out – the real escalation of this conflict between meager minds has only just begun. I stated in no uncertain terms that I felt the political blogosphere would turn gangrenous and die due to the festering of its own one-sided rhetoric.

I now say it has one foot in the grave.


At a table of plenty: Make no mistake, this is not a victory for “our side vs. their side.” Uh, no kidding, again.

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