I wanna sell books even if I’m full of crap

There is this compilation of best business books, supposedly “known to mankind,” which looks a hell of a lot like a pack of book writers (and Amazon affiliates) trying to hock their wares under the guise of good information. Give me a fricken break! Every book within the links is something new age, from some author within the last decade. What are you saying? Everything new in terms of process and ideas has been created in the last couple of years?

Throwing up a list of Amazon links does not a “must read” list make. You want good business books? Then start with the basics – everything else is a derivative. Pick up Mises’s Human Action, Charles Mackay’s classic Extraordinary Popular Delusions…, Ann Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Read John Maynard Keynes and Adam Smith, and roll up Karl Marx for comparison purposes. Read Hank Greenberg’s Memos from the Chairman, or just about anything from Peter Drucker (a genuine monarch mentioned in the linked poll – someone with a real track record).

This recent stuff? Yea, read it if you must, but keep in mind that fundamentals are where it’s at. Use what you absorb from them to stimulate new ideas of your own. That’s where it’s really at.

Note: references are provided without links to Amazon, even though I am an affiliate, so you know I’m not just trying to sell you something.

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