Microsoft executives to use the insanity defense

This little battle going on between Microsoft and Apple is getting a bit silly, and the media is certainly playing it to its fullest. Let’s break it down, shall we?

– Microsoft’s latest operating system is delayed, and now Bill Gates is laying long odds on another delay.

– Apple stock is getting beat up because iPod sales are slowing.

– Microsoft announces they are creating an iPod killer just in time for Christmas, and a pretty simple analysis of that possibility creates a lot of doubt.

– Apple is going to release a new operating system, purportedly just ahead of Vista.

So, we have the old guard hampered by delays to its core product chasing a market created by the new guard, just as that market seems to be stagnating. And, we have the new guard pounding away on the old guard’s turf, just as the old guard is getting caught with its shorts around its knees.

Someone get someone else a stiff drink, please, before they go insane.

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