Microsoft is drunk dialing

When your partner first calls you after a night without you on the town, it’s cute. The sixth time, it’s a bit irritating. After a dozen, it’s time to call it quits. Thereafter, you should call the cops. Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage sounds like it’s heading that way, after news broke that there is more to the program than simple periodic check-ins for security updates.

The company is destroying friendships (something you don’t want to do in the tech sector if you are already known for weak products and big delays on new ones). There was a day when there was no competitor to Windows, but times have changed. Not only is there competition, but folks are finding that competition either vastly superior or vastly free, characteristics that can seriously damage the entrenched.

Meanwhile, with rumors flying that Microsoft will remotely shut down unlicensed systems, I can only imagine the huge computer blackouts we may see in Eastern Europe and the Pacific Rim if and when it does happen.


But at least Microsoft is denying a “blackout” will occur.

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