Microsoft Kernel Patch Protection troubles security vendors

Fact or FUD? According to firewall vender Agnitum, Microsofts Kernel Patch Protection initiative may do more harm than good.

The issue at hand? Third-party security vendors’ ability to keep up with patches on Windows PCs, and at a stretch, the idea that hackers would benefit more than commercial software developers.

Is this an attempt by Microsoft to force people to use their security products? Who knows, but it’s an idea I can’t get my head around. It sounds like something Microsoft might try, but why they would want to expose themselves to further regulatory scrutiny is beyond me.

Either way, it is likely not the best move, as other computing platforms hit their stride, but then again, neither notion bodes well for third-party vendors. The fact that Microsoft security man Jesper Johansson walked out the door only leads to further confusion. What are the folks in Redmond up to?

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