New Jersey won’t be the last of governmental budget problems

In the fight for balance between the need for essential services and reasonable taxes, New Jersey is losing. Some are taking the opportunity to draw partisan lines, but I think it is a little more than that.

Although I don’t live in New Jersey, I’ve visited the Shore often in the past. Nice place. I know someone who lives right on the beach (an obvious public attraction). The beach is being shut down tomorrow. The friend is a professional (and extremely successful) gambler. The casinos (a source of revenue for the state) are being shut down tomorrow. When you start shutting down visitor attactions and revenue sources because you can’t supervise them, you know you are in deep trouble.

Without a budget compromise, New Jersey’s problems are going to snowball. And I don’t think New Jersey is the last we’ll see of the meltdown induced floods.

PS: Happy Independence Day!


No more gambling (and I think, no more beach either – what are those Shore lovers going to do now, but drink!)

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