Phishers show their love for eBay and Co

According to recent report by Sophos, phishers are persistently targeting PayPal and eBay users. The reason? Ubiquity of the services. eBay is available in 27 countries, and I doubt there are many people who haven’t bought, sold, or at least browsed for goodies.

That’s a big market to go after. Add the fact that there are probably a lot of casual internet users (i.e. not so technologically sophistiicated) on eBay, and you have a big, targeted market for phishers.

I love stating the obvious.


jake says:

Nice website. Lots of good information here with lots of links. eBay scams are way out of control. Maybe offer up a tutorial on SSL? Or mousing over the links to see the real destination?

Keep up the good work.


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