The internet is boring?

I say the nightly news is boring – others tend to agree. I say TV in general is boring, and if stuffing programs on your cellphone is the best the hot shot executives can come up with, that isn’t going to change much either. Even the blogosphere is getting boring (or at least the political end of it has) – just more of the same in a different venue.

But it takes a really rich guy (Mark Cuban) to say the whole internet is boring, and I am inclined to disagree with a billionaire for the first time.

I’d say that is akin to declaring that everything inventable has been invented. Whether technologically or via just plain attitude, someone will always rise to shake things up. Or is that exactly what Mark is trying to incite?

My guess is that someone with an “I don’t give a shit” attitude and a helluva set of coding skills is always right around the corner.


jcm says:

Along the same lines…I was thinking that the PC market seems to be in transition. How’s that for obvious? Serieously though, there was a time when PCs did nothing but decline in price and offer up new features. Now, while manufacturers are busy churning out increasingly less expensive notebooks, there’s also a trend toward more expensive “juiced up” systems, a la Dell’s recent purchase of AlienWare and focus on “high end” PCs. Major new features? They’re hard to find. Yawn. It makes me wonder if the PC business is at a point where it will no longer feature that declining price point.

Michael says:

Agreed. Which is why I like snazzy, tweakable operating systems (Linux) and simplistic, useful web software (37 Signals really gets that right). Who cares about the hardware, although quality is always a concern (I’ve had a Powerbook for 18 months without a hitch). Still, processor speed and such are much less of a concern when you have 6mb download speeds (Comcast). I think Mark’s question is…what the hell to do with it?

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