The spam patent to end all spam

MX Logic has been granted a patent on its spam filtering technology. The process is a combination of proprietary and open rules systems, statistical/probability based measurements, as well as plugins for Sender Policy Framework and Sender ID. Congratulations goes out to them.


In news that was to be “officially” released Monday morning, the venerable anti-computing-pest weblog Spamroll is rumored to be filing a patent of its own. It’s called A Method and Process for Unsolicited Commercial Email Receiver Stupidity, and leading authorities in the anti-spam community contend it is groundbreaking. The “technology” includes a single claim, that the weblog has a lock on ignorant users clicking on links from spam emails, and proceeding to purchase bogus goods. While there seems to be some prior art, Spamroll believes it can readily convince the USPTO that such idiocy is beyond measure. How to defend this “technology” is still being worked out, but the intellectual property owners are purportedly readying to hide it from as many people as possible.

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