UK spammers on the ban plan

There is a new plan afoot in the UK to deal with spammer and hackers – ban them from the internet.

The problem is a technological one, but now it is a political one. Next thing you know, companies will be getting fines for not having anti-spam measures on their email servers. While they’re at it, why not indict Microsoft for making an operating system that is weak on security (or offering even offering a release date for their next insecure product)? Not going to happen, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone tried.

The biggest issues with banning a suspected spammer/hacker from the internet are 1) they are only accused, not found guilty of; 2) that in the age of anonymity, we will likely see a lot of false accusations as a result of header manipulation, IP spoofing, and other such technological means that juries have a hard time grasping; and 3) enforcement – it took years for the Feds to catch this guy – no law enforcement agency going to be able to keep up with the flood of “suspects” when Pandora’s Box is opened.

No. It probably will happen. Send the bill to the taxpayers.

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