US Government’s newest spokesword…’anomalies’

The US State Department confirmed it had been victim of a hack, but that isn’t the news here, as far as I’m concerned. It’s all the doublespeak.

First they say they’ve been broken into, then they say they are investigating computer ‘anomalies’. It’s not a virus, that much is sure, according to the report. Well let’s just breath a sigh of relief.

“While our investigation continues, there is no indication that any sensitive U.S. government information was compromised,” noted Nancy Beck.

We got ya’ Nancy.

U.S. State Department Talking Points for July 12:

1) We were hacked. It was the Chinese North Koreans (note..mention the missle thing if anyone blinks).
2) We found a laptop on a truck.
3) We found some ‘anomalies’
4) This is not a virus (note..the citizenry understands the word “virus”)

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