What MySpace fixes, politics breaks

The US House of Representatives has passed a bill requiring federally funded schools to block MySpace and other interactive sites from students.

MySpace is running around fixing problems with their system, some of which are user related anyway, and politics trumps the efforts with an overly broad bill that could turn half the internet into a stale, single-sided show for kids. No surprise – these are the same types of people that assure us the internet is “not a truck”, that Microsoft should produce WindowsGameLite (sans solitaire), and think we all run around with our IP addresses stamped on our foreheads.

I’m going to go out on a very fragile limb here and bet that when it comes down to enforcement time (which will be a “virtually” impossible task), they’ll be pointing fingers at someone else for their ineptitude. I can’t imagine who will be paying for it (hmm), but I can imagine that kids won’t be much safer.


Slashdotters had a lot to say on this subject. I find particularly interesting the part about how all this may distinctly affect the homeless and/or other poor people. Sounds on target, although I highly doubt it was intentional (even though someone will say it was sooner or later).

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