A few old posts, now here

I shut down my personal blog at thoughtmarket.com a few weeks back. Reasons:

1) I don’t have time (too busy fishing);
2) I am a crappy writer (highly apparent, even here);
3) I know precisely jack shit about politics and economics (although I have about the same knowledge base regarding internet security, and people still seem to read this fricken thing);
4) Did I say I was an ass yet?

Ok, that should do it for excuses. Nevertheless, there were a few pretty popular posts over there, mostly related to technology, so I brought them over.

In no particular order…

– A cool rig of Fedora Core 3 on a Dell Latitude C840, with two drives and two MBRs, at A decent Linux laptop;

– My hopped up Linksys router running IPv6 into the house, in IPv6 in the house was no big deal; and

– The personal favorite (although not really tech related) – my retorts on a Hugh Mcleod/Gaping Void post about lying bloggers, in Simple responses to Top Ten Blogger Lies (even Hugh got a kick out of it).

Yes, there are a few more stuffed in here and there. But thankfully, all the posts about politicians doing stupid shit on or with the internet are gone forever.




Almost forgot, everybody’s favorite site to be scared of…Taming the MySpace monster.

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