Big Brother at your bar

I was out last night (fancy that), and as can be expected when you order a Guiness Stout, I was asked for my ID. What happened next was interesting, to say the least.

The gal who asked for the ID disappeared with it. Turns out, she was off swiping on an “ID Check” system. Never said she was going to do it either. I wasn’t boarding a plane, getting a concealed weapons permit, or applying to adopt a child. I was buying a fricken beer.

The manager showed up a few minutes later (actually, we found him lingering around behind us, attempting to eavesdrop on our unrelated conversation). His excuse was the system was “the law,” comparing the process to what happens at the neighborhood strip club (which I don’t go to, but obviously he does). No apology for the blatant lack of disclosure was given.

I guess you can’t have a drink anymore without someone watching. And I am still looking for that “law.”

UPDATE: More on ID swipes and concerns.


Booger King says:

Dude, why did you even hand her your ID? I would get a wallet with a see through plastic pocket, and display it if asked, but not hand it over.

Now the question is what database are you now part of and who is tracking your libation choices?

Hit me when I wasn’t looking. The bar is wide, so I just handed it over. My bad for not thinking – a mistake I’ll never make again.

As for the database, well….NO KIDDING!

Marcel James says:

I was sitting right next to you. Thought you were going to mention the name of the restaurant… Anyhow, it happened before my eyes and I’d like to know how the search for the “law” turns out. The employees didn’t seem to like the whole thing either and the manager just stood behind until I pointed him out by calling him a “Haliburton agent”. But, for real, this “tracking” stuff is getting out of hand. I’m really starting to think it’s time to pay cash for everything and get off the grid a bit (probably impossible to get completely off any more).

Was going to mention the name of the restaurant, Marcel, but then I remembered that bad PR is better than no PR. Best to just let people know it happens, so they can be watchful no matter where they are.

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