Browser picks up breadcrumbs

A “new” browser technology is being launched that automatically deletes caches, browsing history, cookies and saved forms. I wouldn’t exactly call this new, as anyone with the latest version of Firefox knows. Maybe Mozilla needs another public relations firm.

Nevertheless, there is a “new” feature coming in Browzar – supposedly a toolbar that points to a custom search engine for results. Hmm. As former Internet Explorer users privacy wonks get to searching, I wonder how long it will be until law enforcement gets to subpoena-ing.

I’d rather have a browser independent of my search results. Firefox gives you that flexibility. Combined with any number of internet/system cache cleaners, and you are A-okay from the desktop. My combination of choice is Firefox and/or a hacked Safari (yes, there are alternatives to Google for Safari users – see here). CacheOut X from NoName Scriptware cleans out stray cookies, browsing history, and miscellaneous scripts (and when I run out of tin-foil hats, user and system logs, etc. as well). I am sure there is a Windows equivalent. If you really want to drive your ISP nuts as well, throw in TOR/Privoxy (available to all).


Law enforcement won’t be much of a worry after all – Browzer may not make it past a dozen users. It seems, as Michael Arrington and others point out, that Browzer may be nothing more than an adware machine.


More “Browzing” at Web3.0log. I hope the founders didn’t spend a lot of money or time on this thing, as it is looking dead already.

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