Comedian’s security tips wrapped in irony

Bruce Schneier noted that Stephen Colbert is flogging computer security tips. The irony is that they are only viewable in Internet Explorer.

Yes, there are some comments that suggest some workarounds, including clicking on that big red pop-up warning bar. Unfortunately, none of them worked for me either, and I already have .wmv capability through Flip4Mac.

Maybe the videos are just too popular right now. Then again, I don’t listen to Hollywood when I’m molding my political views, and maybe you shouldn’t listen to comedians when developing your computer security task list either.


Antonio says:

Yeah…Comedy Central is notorious for changing it’s streaming format often. Creates havoc for Flip4Mac. Telestream gets it figured out and then they change something, and it goes unviewable. Wish these places could settle on a format and stick to it, but that’s the nature of WM content.

Nice. Funny that this morning I went to subscribe to the CC video feed, only to realize I was back at the same place (with no video capability). Had to hit the unsubscribe button.

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