Herders spurs are their keyboards

I once lived in Australia, and yes, since I am a brash American I spent most of my years there getting my ass kicked. But, the beer and wine were good, and I made some lifelong friends.

A group of them recently moved to Denver, and as it turns out they had kids and were using a new service I helped develop (Tot Jot) to keep the grandparents informed as to what the grandkids were up to. Much fun there, with the international connection – total coincidence, from 13,000 miles, but made me smile nonetheless. The other night, I was invited to dinner. They had just shipped in some outstanding lamb (apologies in advance to the veggie crowd – no, screw that, the meat was unbelievable). The guy who put the package together has a farm where he raises all sorts of four legged, free range animal. He rides a horse all day on thousands of acres rounding up his income.

It reminded me that Microsoft just released a new set of patches, and already the botnets are being rounded up for the attack.

I just purchased a new pair of boots for winter myself, but I don’t need spurs for them – I use a keyboard, attached to my everyday steed (a Powerbook), for my herding. And so it seems, do the malcreants.


Of course, Corporate America may just need to start issuing extra tack, if the attacks they now have to deal with are any indication.

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