Homeland Security says close your Windows

windowsthreat.gifThe Department of Homeland Security announced that you should patch your Windows systems right away.

Yes, the folks that fail miserably on their own cybersecurity are telling everyone else to get on the ball.

So, when you see that little “Updates” popup in the lower right hand corner of your screen (you know, the one that appears each and every time Microsoft issues patches), pay attention this time – a wise and wary group of governmental types say so.

Boy am I glad I read the news the morning, even if I am on a Mac.


A suggestion: If the government will pass a law stating that if an employee of an organization (including bureacracies) leaves a laptop in a parked car (or unattended in any other public place for that matter), and it gets stolen, the employee must be terminated immediately. In return, all citizens will then listen to government warnings about computer security threats.

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