How useful will AOL data muckup be?

AOL blindly released a “noc-list” of sorts, a set of history files on their search results spanning several months, which was freely available on their site for several hours. Now the files are floating around on the internet. People are crunching the data, and some are shouting eureka for the SEOs and PPC arbitrage critters.

Stop and think. While everyone is perusing this data on their MySQL enabled laptops, Google has this stuff too, and a heck of a lot more processing capability to boot. It wouldn’t surprise me if the use of the data isn’t already primed to set off alarm bells in Mountain View the moment some search engine spammer/Adsense junkie starts getting greedy.

The talk is 30 million queries and 20 million click throughs on search terms, from 650,000 AOL users. That’s a heck of a good sample size, if you want to trust the opinion of someone who got a “B-” in Fundamentals of Business Statistics (ok, I partied my ass off that semester).

Yep, someone will get greedy, and I’ll bet they pay for it.

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