Ignoring threats hits consumers’ wallets

But how much do they really care?

As Jeff Fox, techology editor of Consumer Reports noted (via MarketWatch):

“Consumers are really on their own. It’s really up to people to protect themselves. That’s why consumer education is so important. If you don’t protect yourself, chances are nobody’s going to do it for you.”

Translation: Reliance on one software vendor, one pre-installed bundled, one person’s product review, just doesn’t cut it anymore. You have be in the know, and willing to take the time to implement solutions.

This creates a quandry for computer and software manufacturers alike. As the price of computers continues to fall, will people realize the value of their system is the data within, or brush off the warnings, thinking it is relatively too costly to bother properly securing their machinery?

It is hard to educate people on the value of the intangibles.

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