Qwest serious about privacy, or just politics and PR

qwest_logo.gifQwest was recently praised for ingoring a request from the NSA for data on it’s subscribers. They looked like good guys and gals. People purportedly rushed to get their services. Their employees certainly ran around town, chatting it up.

Fast forward.

Qwest is at it again, only this time the talk is heavy endorsement of mandatory data retention laws being proposed for ISPs. Several Colorado politicians who had previously jumped on the Qwest hero worship are endorsing (and in one case, sponsoring) said measures.

The local Rocky Mountain News had noted:

Qwest has done its share to reinvent the company in recent years, but it may have generated an unexpected windfall by rebuffing the National Security Agency.

So..now that they have all those subscribers, what are they going to do with all that extra data they want to retain? Let’s just hope they don’t pull “an AOL.”


Oops. Someone at a big telco has admitted they misspoke, which has to be a first: Qwest endorses a more reasonable local law, not the federal mandate.

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