Which spam filter works best?

Everyone is talking about a study out of Canada that aims to prove which spam filter works best. I perused the site and found the video clip. Then I walked down the street, broke into the POP on the corner, and dragged a fiber cable over to the house. Attached to a spare demuxer I had lying around, and plugged my laptop into it. I still couldn’t wait for the video to download. Damn.

The conclusion (garnered from reading between the lines) was this: some obscure little filter worked the best. Now before you run out to install it, keep in mind that we’ve heard this “lack of popularity” thing before.


J.D. Falk says:

I get asked that same question all the time too, but I’ve never come across any testing methodology that comes anywhere close to matching the real world.

Instead, my answer is how to choose a spam filter product.

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