3600 spams and counting

Troy Angrignon is having increasing difficulties managing his spam. According to Troy, even with the use of Gmail his inbox is filling up at a rate of one every nine minutes. Of course, spam seems to come in bundles, and he probably checked at an optimum time of day, but who the hell cares.

Meanwhile, others believe email is going to take a hit in the business world. That probably wouldn’t be such a bad thing – not only is spam becoming a bigger percentage of business email, but people tend to use email to carry on entire conversations over the course of the day. It’s damn aggravating, and I think quite unproductive.

Someone use the fricken phone, will ya?


jos3ph says:

Proof that spam isn’t going away soon. An arms reace actually. However I think there is hope with a (somewhat new) proposal called EmailXT.

It is compatible with the current email infrastructure. I just installed the EmailXT client (bug warning) and could use it right away, using my current email address. Two persons are enough to make it usable. No “chicken and egg” problem. Pick a friend and test it together, then expand to others.

As more people and network islands join together, old email may phase out; since spam buyers will be forced to switch to the spam-free EmailXT system, spammers revenues dry out. And since mass spamming activity is no longer possible, mail server congestions end and maintenance costs will finally go down.

Yes, a very pretty scenario but actually achievable through EmailXT IMHO.

’nuff said!

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