eBay confronted by privacy squad

eBay has a lot of purchasing preference data on a whole lot of people. If you are a scammer, tired of spamming people with useless pharmaceutical offers and stock reports, you might be interested in such information. I think people are also starting to get a clue about all the data they leave online – some have the inclination to get it off.

If you are an eBayer, it seems that is a bit difficult. Now eBay is being investigated over that purportedly painful process, based on a complaint filed by Privacy International under the UK’s Data Protection Act.

I suspect this is just a bunch of bitching, and eBay will comply with whatever modifications to their practices are suggested (at least I hope they do, as alternative action would be just plain stupid). But, I am now wondering…where the hell is the US’s version of the “data protection act?” All I keep hearing is how politicians are screaming more for data retention!

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