Mid-week Spam News Roundup

All you hear about these days is spyware and viruses. Whether transported via email or your favorite social website, spam is not getting it’s fair shake nowadays. So for all you spam lovers out there, here are a few tidbits on our old friend spam:

– Notorious AOL spammer Jeremy Jaynes is still headed for jail, after losing his appeal against tough Virginia spam laws. The North Carolinan’s argument – jurisdictional.

– Microsoft won a civil case against spammer Paul Fox, based on breach of contract. Fox used Hotmail for spamming, a violation of MS’s terms of service. Britain’s anti-spam laws were just too weak for Microsoft – mean the government isn’t going to change them now that they realize litigious corporate America will do their work for them.

– An Australian man is being accused of sending two billion spam emails, for Viagra. He wouldn’t have done it if there wasn’t so much demand – this proves humans are still horny, and many are still ugly. I am waiting for the conspiracy theorists to suggests Pfizer’s complicity, but something tells me the company is having no problems selling its product without spammers’ help.

– The spam copywriters’ union is about to go on strike, as spam email messages go subliminal.

Have a nice day.

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