Phishers pulling a “Jacques Cousteau”

When I was young, rainy days meant tele-time. Unfortunately for my social skills and sense of humor, the TV was invariably pointed (by an adult) to some educational programming. My favorite wound up being Jacques Cousteau’s adventures – that guy knew oceans, and I was already a pretty competitive fisherman. I figured I might learn something useful about fish, even if Jacques was more interested in preserving them and I was more interested in landing them with an 8-weight.

Now there are plenty of fly fishing shows on TV, yet my time in front of the tube is limited to CNBC as background noise in the office and absorbing the bullshit unbiased commentary from Sunday morning political pundits. Nevertheless, 21st century phishers seems to be taking a page out of my adolescent playbook as their attacks are getting much more concerted, and security experts expect it will only get worse.

I doubt AT&T would disagree right now.

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