Turn off your microphone – that web page may be listening

eavesdropping.jpgEveryone is become more and more aware of threats to their privacy, via their PCs. People are insulted when a big organization invades their online life – delivering access to more customized product and service advertisements just doesn’t cut it as an excuse anymore.

On that note, I don’t know what to make of this: Google is purportedly releasing a service that will listen to background noise in your workspace, and deliver relevant ads to you based on a fingerprint made of the noise.

Again, I just don’t know what to think here, at least for the outside world. Personally, I won’t be downloading any software that helps this process, and if it becomes a defacto standard for web pages, I’ll certainly be turning my microphone off (web page visit blocking at the router level notwithstanding).


I wonder if senior citizens, more aware than ever of internet security risks, use computer microphones.

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