Blogger service hit by need for a patch

CIO News Alerts noted Google’s Blogger service was hit by an outage.

Yea, Google’s blog was hacked, and someone posted a message that they had to remove. Now living in the world of free software, they say shit happens (and it happens a lot). So every now and then you need to patch stuff – I suspect that was what Google was doing, so it didn’t happen again.

But, to the outside world it is big news, an outage. Bloggers loose perspective:

Mark Nolan began using Blogger to host a personal blog about soccer about two months ago, and is disappointed with the platform’s reliability so far. “This isn’t what you’d expect from an operation like Google. It’s embarrassing in my opinion,” Nolan said in a phone interview.

If the availability problems persist on Blogger, Nolan will consider switching the blog to another platform.

Nolan, who lives in Manchester, United Kingdom, and posts under the pseudonym James Ryddel in the soccer blog, hosts other websites he publishes with British providers.

Although all hosting providers experience downtime, the Blogger situation is reaching unacceptable levels, said Nolan, who works as director of TXT Media. “Google should concentrate on improving Blogger’s reliability and not on adding new features,” Nolan said.

I say Google should start concentrating all right – on specifically charging Mr. Nolan hard currency for use of their service.

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