10 Minute Mail means ten milliseconds to spam

Slashdot pointed us to 10 Minute Mail, a neat little program designed by Devon Hillard. The web-based initiative was developed by Devon to sharpen his Seam skills and help people with their “bug-me-not” problems while registering with web sites.

10 Minute Mail is pretty simple. You click on a link, an email address is generated for you, and you then use that address for your registration desires. You keep the page open while you do your bidding, and your confirmation emails (if any) show up on screen.

The only problem I see with this – it isn’t going to take much time for sites to figure out they can block the 10minutemail.com domain. Getting a pile of domains on the cheap, and rotating their distribution to the given addresses randomly, would really shore up this service.


Devon says:

I just found your post. I’ve actually been rotating the e-mail domains about once a month, which generally keeps them from being blocked.

I’m glad that you like the service.



Michael Gracie says:

Definitely a cool idea. Please keep in touch with updates.

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