Financial institutions don’t eat their young, yet

Banks have been locking down their sites and warning customers about phishing, but ignoring the threat from their own employees.

Let’s see…I am a bank account rep who gets paid $30K a year out of high school. I do double-duty as a teller because the branch is consistently understaffed, and my boss is always yelling at me to move faster because the lines at the drive-through are so long – I hate this person. I see everybody’s account number and all the endorsements on the backs of checks. The copy machine is right around the corner, and the blank (new account) checks are in an unlocked drawer in the branch manager’s unlocked office. The branch manager takes three hour lunches because they are catching quickies with another teller behind their spouse’s back, and the magnetic account number reader is easily “thwartable” with a scissors and Scotch tape. I know everyone in IT because the reader is always broken, and they are the help desk.

“Catch Me If You Can” is by far my favorite movie.

I’d say there is no risk at all.

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