You can’t get away from threats, unless you’re stupid

Secure Computing Corp noted a huge increase in image spam, while Message Labs add that recent virus outbreak (Warezov) has added to the botnet ring, exacerbating the problem. There isn’t a heck of a lot you can do about this, other than keep your virus-scanner dats up to date – even switching to Linux or OS X isn’t going to stop it (that is, unless everyone on the planet switched at once).

If that wasn’t enough, the holiday season is rolling around, so you get to add a barrage of unstoppable junk mail to your list of fancies.

The only bright light in the bunch, instant messaging. Yes, the threats remain, but are still relying on social engineering techniques. Meaning…

You can’t stop the spam, unless you shut down the network. You can’t stop the junk mail, unless you shut down the postal service. But you can stop the IM attacks – you just have to quit being stupid!

…although I suspect even that will be tough for many

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