Congratulations goes out to Boeing

As a result of Boeing’s latest lost laptop, privacy breaches have now broken the 100 million record for 2006.

That’s one-third of the US population, although in our global economy it is highly likely many of the records extend beyond America’s shores.

Good job, guys and gals.

The solution to this mess? Propose stiff (I mean third world dictator-style civil, and possibly criminal) penalties for each screwup. And I do mean screwup – most of the large breaches we have seen over the last few years have been the result of ridiculously poor internal controls – controls in the policy and procedure realm. Less often do you hear of a cabal of MIT-trained mathematicians brazenly hacking into hardened data centers to get this data. No, most of the time it is some idiot leaving a laptop with a million social security numbers on the roof of a car, or an organization just giving the stuff away to any Tom, Dick or Harry that comes knocking with a check. You should not be allowed to hire a lobbyist to cover your ass for stupidity.

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