How much does Vista security matter?

That’s the question the AP’s Brian Bergstein asks, noting that:

Microsoft Corp. took great pains to improve security in its newly released computer operating system, Windows Vista, redesigning it to reduce users’ exposure to destructive programs from the Internet.

According to security experts, however, they (Microsoft) didn’t go to such great lengths. Now, you have to take the alternative opinions with a grain of salt since those spouting them all sell security products and services, almost all targeted at Windows, but they are getting quite bold. Kapersky goes as far as to suggest that almost all existing malware will work on Vista, and that for the bugs squashed by IE7, there are plenty popping up already to take their place.

PatchGuard, User Account Control, you name it…is it all just Microsoft’s PR department playing perpetual damage control, or are the security vendors running scared this winter and pushing pawns across the board early, hoping the King is just being cocky?

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