Lecturing on identity theft

A recent Stamford Chamber of Commerce came complete with a lecture on identity theft. I wonder if anyone present actually listened.

The presentation got the attention of Cara Brook, owner of Strategize, Organize, Simplify LLC, a Stamford professional organizer business.

“I really makes me think,” she said, adding that some of Gardner’s commentary was frightening for a small-business owner.

Ok, someone was listening. But will they go back to their office and do something, like…

– encrypt data that resides in house, and at minimum require an 800 SAT score for password access?
– mandate five lashings for anyone who leaves a million customer or employee records, on a laptop, unattended, at a Starbucks?
– not fire the already overworked head of IT security, without notice or pay, for marrying the division head on another continent who also happens to be their high school sweetheart, under the guise of sexual harrassment?

Now some of those moves might be going a bit overboard, but you get the idea. Will the corporate world actually do something about the issue (after “thinking about it” for a split second)? I’ll bet on the old standby…

“Here’s free credit monitoring…for a week.”

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