Skype is stealthy, and vulnerable

skype.jpgThe folks at Skype have figured out some pretty cool ways to get round firewalls (h/t to Slashdot), as well as stay one step ahead of the everyone trying to block the service (of course, no telco would try to do that, would they?).

Nonetheless, with all that complexity and purported invincibility, there are bound to be some lame-asses lurking in the shadows trying to spoil the party. Well, they actually crashed the shindig today, but WebSense is reiterating that it is really no big deal.

I know quite a few folks that are slowly transitioning from AOL IM over to Skype (including yours truly). What timing. Can’t really say there wasn’t any warning this stuff might happen.

Where’s a good scapegoat when you need one?

UPDATE: Oops. It isn’t really a worm anymore. Let’s be fair – it’s just a virus.

UPDATE 2: Skype’s security chief speaks out on what might be next in terms of threats (and keeping users safe).

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