The phishing complexity dichotomy

The complexity of phishing exploits is growing, with targeted attempts and corporate email inboxes with bullseyes painted on them.

Of course, if you are a small to medium sized business who relies on your website for bringing in business, you might have something entirely different to worry about – something as simple as Internet Explorer 7 (combined, of course, with Microsoft’s certificate-based anti-phishing initiative).

So, big corporations get legitimacy for their own sites, while their inboxes get pummeled. Meanwhile, little guys are left out in the cold because they can’t get certificates, and the phishers won’t have any need to target them because their business will be sucking wind as a result of the IE 7 “red light.”


UPDATE: Techdirt says it might come down to simply not wanting to pay ol’ Microsoft for the right to “be green.” I wonder how Firefox might react to this.

UPDATE 2: Who cares about certificates anyway – they often aren’t worth the website they’re printed on.

UPDATE 3: Is this someone’s idea of revenge?

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