Vista Business is cracked

How does Vista install keys getting cracked affect its future reputation – you know, the one Microsoft has been molding about how secure it is?

Not sure myself, and a brief discussion with a top-end Microsoft solution provider technical sales wizard last night over dinner didn’t bring any answers either. His main question was why it seems so many programs for Microsoft operating systems get cracked, while those for other platforms don’t. Take for example, Adobe products – they are almost all available for trial, and for each of those trials there is usually a crack to be found to make it permanent (albeit illegal) install. That’s true for the Windows versions, but not the Mac versions.

What gives? Is there something inherent to Windows (or Microsoft’s architecture methodologies) which make this so? And is this phenomena a natural extension of the inherent lack of security that seems to exist in Miscrosoft’s products?

Inquiring minds want a technical explanation (and we all know I am too much of a dumb-ass to give it).


Justin says:

It’s the user population. Windows is “the default” — it requires no effort to install, and runs on the cheapest hardware. Given that, it’s pretty attractive for the bottom feeders who’ll happily use warez software extensively.

Having said that: I’ve seen Macs with pirated copies of Photoshop installed… it’s not a rock-solid rule.

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