Vista exploits – On Sale Now!

Trend Micro noted that zero-day exploits are being hocked via the internet, and the prices for making sure your zombie network is prepped for Vista’s consumer release in the spring are rising.

Just a year ago, some Russians were selling Windows MetaFile exploits for four grand – the price attached to unpatched execution flaws is now in the $20K to $30K range, with Vista targets fetching as much as $50,000.

I just hope none of the available code can also attack MySQL databases, as Vista users might be stuck with that database for a while – Vista doesn’t seem to work quite right with Microsoft’s own SQL Server.

UPDATE: Techcrunch says that the whole Vista/SQL Server bit might have been off base. I guess I don’t really care either way, as I don’t use IBM or Oracle databases anywhere, anyway. But the correction is noted, nonetheless.

UPDATE 2: The price may be coming back down, as in the grand scheme of software pricing nowadays, stuff is now being offered for free (a proof of concept, anyway).

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